Dog & Cat Food

Dog food


For dogs, there is food for every need. Whether grain-free, with high protein content or with sauce on the dry food croquette for the picky faction.
Here, for me, there is no universal rule about which dog food is best.



As individual as the individual animal is also its acceptance and digestion.
In fact, incompatibilities and allergies are also found more and more frequently in dogs.
Due to the large selection, there is certainly something for everyone who does not want to or can not invest time and effort in Barfen (raw feeding).

Cat food

As a "can opener" you have a special responsibility towards the whiskers and wet noses. In recent years, we have experienced an increase in food intolerances.

Allergic reactions to grain or protein varieties are manifested by bald and usually weeping patches on the skin. Feed manufacturers now produce many varieties with mono/single proteins and/or grain-free content.

We try to find the best price/performance option for your protégé.