Chicken,Rodent & Other Feed


The chickens have moved into our gardens. For tasty yolks and good laying performance, good, mineralized and vitamin-rich feed is essential. Healthy shiny, full plumage and healthy chickens require a high level of cleanliness and mite prevention/treatment.


For healthy tooth wear, the supply of good quality roughage in the form of hay should be the first priority for rodents. In addition, breeding animals or those with increased needs can be provided with supplementary food. The animals are just as happy about fresh vegetables and a salt lick as they are about dandelions and wood chips.

Other lining


Hedgehog houses, goblins, insect hotels and nesting boxes round off the well-being program for our garden animals. What can we do for your garden?

Wild food

Our wild animals are at the mercy of climate change. A bowl of water helps garden animals not only in summer to take a bath, which is important for their plumage, or to find a drinking place protected from predators. If you want to feed birds, hedgehogs, squirrels & Co., the trade now offers all kinds of options. Fat food for the winter is on the shelf, as well as the grain mixture for year-round feeding.